Special exhibits featured

October 1st-31st, 2018

Overwhelming pain, paralysis, death in a matter of minutes.
Real peril lurks with the fangs, barbs and stingers of the spineless.
Move over sharks – these animals give danger a whole new meaning.

Putting abilities like strength or speed to shame, many invertebrates and plants have developed incredible defenses that deliver toxic chemicals to adversaries that try to touch or eat them, or inject toxins directly with fangs, spines, legs and other specialized delivery systems. For humans, falling victim can mean a whole spectrum of consequences, from slight discomfort to intense pain and even death!


Visit Butterfly Pavilion all month long to meet species that use powerful venoms and poisons to ward off predators and dominate unsuspecting prey. It’s your chance to live on the edge and get up close and personal with some of nature’s most impressive toxic terrors.

Spider Pavilion Returns

  • Along with all new and unbelievable toxic animals and plants that will be featured throughout Butterfly Pavilion's exhibits, don't miss the return of the one-of-a-kind spider experience - Spider Pavilion - located in our Wings of the Tropics butterfly conservatory for the full month of October. Walk among incredible orb weaving spiders and their intricate web creations. Experience is included with General Admission and is great for all ages.

Special Events & Programs


October 11, 10am-4pm

  • A special day for homeschoolers and their families to explore toxic animals and plants and their incredible benefits to humans.
  • Members: $5/person
  • Non-Members: $8/person
  • Great for all ages.

Out of School
Day Camp

October 12, 9am-4pm

  • Get a little slimy and discover how the poison and venom of animals and plants can end AND save lives.
  • Members: Full Day - $45,
    Half Day - $27
  • Non-members: Full Day - $50,
    Half Day - $30
  • For ages 5-12.

Adults Only: Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night

October 12, 6pm–8:30pm

  • All-inclusive quiz experience featuring an open bar, Mexican dinner by Buenos Tiempos and full exhibit access.
  • Members: Early bird - $30
    Day-of - $35
  • Non-members: Early bird - $35
    Day-of - $40
  • 21+ only. ID required for entry.

Talking Toxic with Dr. Justin Schmidt

October 18, 6:30 – 8:30pm

  • Meet the entomologist who was stung by 83 different species for science.
  • Members: Adult ticket + book - $30; Adult ticket only - $15;
    Child ticket $12
  • Non-members: Adult ticket + book $35; Adult ticket only - $20;
    Child ticket $9
  • Includes light appetizers, talk and book signing. Cash bar available.

Indoor Trick-or-Treating at Bug-A-Boo

October 20 & 21, 9am–5pm

  • Come dressed in your best costumes to trick-or-treat through exhibits and enjoy free candy, prizes and crafts.
  • Included with General Admission. Free for members.
  • Great for all ages.


October 26 & 27, tours begin at 5:30, 6 and 6:30pm

  • Family-friendly nighttime zoo tours that showcase the toxic terrors that flourish when the lights go out.
  • Members: Adult - $12,
    Children (2 – 12) - $5
  • Non-members: Adult - $15,
    Children (2 – 12) – $9
  • Great for all ages.
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