Tropical butterflies, invertebrates and a rainforest in Colorado

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Butterfly Pavilion is excited to announce our newest birth! Since receiving three female and one male golden silk orb-weavers from the southeastern U.S. last summer, Entomologist Amber Lynn Partridge and her team have spent countless hours ensuring the vitality...

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By Amy Yarger, Horticulture Director

Spring in Colorado can be a risky proposition for insects. Some years, temperatures rise, and flowers and pollinators get busy right away. Other years, like last year, spring activity is scuttled by wet snows and cold nights. Butterflies ready to emerge may remain in their chrysalids a whole extra year, or bees may find a shortage of nectar and pollen under heavy snow. However, gardeners can make things a little easier for pollinators and other beneficial wildlife during this unpredictable season.