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The second of four $5 days will be here in April!

Butterfly Pavilion is excited to announce our newest birth! Since receiving three female and one male golden silk orb-weavers from the southeastern U.S. last summer, Entomologist Amber Lynn Partridge and her team have spent countless hours ensuring the vitality...

Butterfly Pavilion is pleased to announce a new team member. Julia McCleary recently accepted a full-time position as Volunteer Manager. Julia brings extensive volunteer management, recruitment, and...

Butterfly Pavilion is thrilled to receive the Red Tricycle 2013 Totally Awesome Award for favorite Kids' Birthday Party Spot in the Denver Metro area! We are touched that the Red Tricycle readers singled out our buggy birthday parties! Thanks to everyone who voted!

New animals! New aquariums! New aesthetics! A whole new adventure!

Science & Conservation Articles

2014 has been an exciting and busy year for the Science and Conservation Branch and Butterfly Pavilion as a whole. Here are some highlights that we feel deserve a big shout out!

In 2014 we worked alongside some of our SCFD partners to support each other and help further our missions.

Colorado Butterfly Monitoring Network, Africa and Movie Stars galore!

AZA Accreditation, New Gardens and Butterfly Pavilion-Made Product in the Store!

One of the most common questions we get at Butterfly Pavilion is “Where are all the caterpillars?” After all, when you have over a thousand butterflies flying around (and mating) in a 7000 sq. ft. rainforest, you’d expect to see offspring. However, if all those butterflies reproduced, our little rainforest would be quite bare. One entomologist estimates that to feed over a thousand caterpillars, we’d need a facility the size of a football field...